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    Chela is amazing! She has helped me through the hard times and the easy times to build myself.I honestly don't write these much but she is the real deal. She is sweet and understanding and will help you grow into a beautiful human!

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    Very friendly and in my opinion affordable sessions! Very happy!

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    As long as I can remember, I have had an inner curiosity for the mysteries of this planet we call home and a dire need to know who I am, why I am here and what my purpose is. Chela synchronistically came into my life when I was going through a deep soul transformation. As they say--ask and you shall receive, and wow, did I ever! After learning of her abilities, I was incredibly interested in utilizing her services to help me better understand myself.

    I received my 1-10 DNA Chart and was absolutely astonished at the accuracy of the information she provided. It was an eye-opening moment in my life. The clarity it brought me is beyond words. I finally felt balance and peace within myself that allowed me to fully embrace my essence and become my most authentic self.

    Some may ask, well how do you know it is true?
    Your soul knows truth--and sometimes it is unexplainable. But for me, there were clear indicators that these imprints have been present throughout all of my life, without me having the awareness that they are an inherent part of my being.

    Being able work with my chart has helped me heal and grow in ways I never imagined. As I continue to implement the DNA chart suggestions into my daily life, the connection to various aspects of myself strengthens and the positive changes that occur with this bond increases.

    The 1-10 DNA Chart has been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself. I would highly recommend Chela's services to anyone wanting to reconnect with their true self!

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    Tarot reading, DNA charts, reiki healing, energetic healing and so much more! You will NOT be disappointed!

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    Today I want to tell you all about how much epic value I've truly gotten out of my 1-10 DNA essence chart and implant removal training from Chela at Golden Almach Creation!

    This services and information that Chela provides are absolutely unique and she is the real deal! She tells you in depth not only what makes you YOU, but also has easy to apply suggestions as for how you can go about nourishing all of these unique parts of yourself! Her level of integrity and quality of work are REALLY high and she consistently over-delivers. She is extremely generous with a very passionate healing presence and really wants to help propel us all towards a more healthy vibrant future individually, as a community, and as a human and planetary collective.

    For me, I found most of my 1-10 chart was very affirming of elements or archetypes I had always connected with throughout my life, though a couple of my DNA imprints truly were a bit of a surprise! You may never know what may be lying dormant within you until you get your chart and fast-lane your personal DNA healing process.

    Having my 1-10 DNA chart from Chela really helped me acknowledge these parts of my true self more fully. The self you can sense when you are vividly dreaming or when you get those aha moments feeling you are in the right place doing the right type of activities to nourish your SOUL.

    I remember first getting my 1-10 DNA chart about two years ago now. And I believe I received my root essence a few months before that which I almost *immediately* felt really rang true to the root of who I was. Then, I started to work with the information from my 1-10 chart more and further incorporate the suggestions from Chela in my 1-10 DNA chart into my daily life. Over time, the activation and positive changes I saw in relation to those parts of myself was phenomenal and life affirming in many ways!

    Last year, above and beyond the breakthrough of having on hand to refer to at any time my personal 1-10 DNA information, I also had the pleasure of learning the tradition of implant removals from Chela directly who is the only one you can learn this powerful next-level healing technique from.

    The Implant Removal Workshop was truly fun, transformative, and I am honored to be one of the few who know this amazing healing technique here on this planet.

    I would recommend a 1-10 DNA chart and the workshop to anyone!

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    I've known Chela for almost two years now and she is one of the most sincere, compassionate and gifted healers I've ever met. Not only is she an amazing healer but a dedicated mentor and educator. Chela's mental, emotional, spiritual and intellectual abilities are vast--you cannot place anything that she does in a box.

    I've received implant removal healings, reiki healings and (informal) tarot card readings from Chela. I also purchased both my 1-10 and 1-90 DNA charts from her in 2016.

    Receiving implant removal healings and learning how to remove implants from my own being has been transformational to say the least. This is something that ALL HEALERS should experience and learn for themselves to offer to others. What does an an implant removal entail? In short, it is the removal of any discordant, negative and/or corrupted energies that may be within your physical, etheric and/or energetic body. It is not a healing that's practiced or known widely on this planet so to learn from Chela directly is a privilege many take for granted.

    Although these removals have impacted me greatly, receiving my DNA charts changed my entire life. I hate to sound dramatic or cliche but I'm being 100% honest when I say that. Both of my DNA charts reconnected me to my root essence and grounded me back into who I truly am. It was a reminder of who I am, where I came from and why I'm here. Every single human being on this planet should at the very LEAST know what their root DNA imprint is. It will effect one's life in only positive and transformational ways. One will begin to reconnect to their celestial roots and family off planet which will offer one tremendous clarity, guidance and healing. Not many people understand nor care about their 90 DNA imprints right now but trust me when I say, it is the future. It will change the way humanity views themselves, each other and the world around them. It will ABSOLUTELY release humanity, as a collective, from racial divide. This is the work that matters. This is the work that we all need to invest our energy, time and money into. Please take advantage of its availability--you will not receive this information anywhere else (other than off planet).

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